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Pressure Cooker
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Kitchen Hacks

Special Lunch Box Menu for Children’s Day

Special Lunch Box Menu for Children’s Day

It is pretty easy to make kids feel special. You can incorporate some fun elements into mundane things and they...
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Diwali Cooking with Vinod Cookware

Diwali Cooking with Vinod Cookware

It’s the time of the year when homes are dusted clean, glowing with fairy lights, windows adorned with colourful lanterns,...
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Mastering the Art of Tadka

Mastering the Art of Tadka

‘Mast Tadka Marke’ is probably one of the most popular phrases to describe Indian Cuisine. Most of the Indian dishes...
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Customer Reviews

Burn free Cooking = @vinod_cookware
Vinod cookware = Triply Platinum Series, Stainless Steel Cookware
Designed with different lids, duralife gasket and thermal base, this #VinodMagicCooker is a versatile cookware that handles all kinds of pressure
Anita Pratap Singh
I choose Vinod magic stainless steel pressure cooker because it has got triply layer that is base made of steel, aluminium and steel so no leaching of chemicals in food - acts as 3 different cookwares'
I just cooked my vegetables in the vinod zest non stick kadai, just added five drops of oil, nothing else needed! It's awesome!
Ammar Shakeel

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019

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