Kitchen Delights

An instant and quick breakfast recipe yet very fluffy and delicious in taste. Try this highly nutritious recipe using #VinodMultiKadai & #SuhanaKhamanDhokla.

Here's how you can make upcoming festival's exciting. #ChefVinod is here with some sweet delicacies & this time its #BesanLadoo. The aroma of besan cooking in ghee is irresistible & if it’s home made and made using #VinodBlackPearlKadai & #SuhanaBesanLadooMix it is just the best

Look what #ChefVinod has come up with!!! Vinod Cookware presents to you the #KitchenDelights in association with Suhanathetastemaker. Watch this video to know how to prepare this Delicious #PaneerButterMasala recipe prepared with Instant mix of Suhana Butter Masala using Vinod Zest Frypan.

This recipe of rava idlis can come to your rescue when you want to make a quick and healthy snack. Try our Soft Rava Idli Recipe prepared using #VinodMultipotKadai & #SuhanaRavaIdli instant mix.

Indulge in this yummy and quick treat of crispy #RavaDosa prepared by #ChefVinod using #VinodCookware & #SuhanaRavaDosa that proves to tantalize your taste buds for sure. You must surely give it a try.

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