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Chef Vicky Ratnani

Celebrity chef, cookbook author, consultant, gastronomic junkie for new flavors.Famously known for Vickypedia Series

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria

Winner of MasterChef India Season 1, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker

Chef Kunal Kapoor

Indian Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur, Best known as the Host and Judge of the TV series MasterChef India Season 1.

Kabita(Kabita's Kitchen)

Home Chef who create tasty and innovative recipes and Household names

Reshu Drolia(Mints Recipes)

Mints Recipes is all about Indian vegetarian recipe How-to, tips, techniques and the best Kitchen hacks in Hindi

Yaman(Cooking Shooking)

Food-enthusiast, budding chef, a food junkie, a foodie

What is SAS Challenge?

India’s first Stainless Steel Cooking Challenge, wherein the Top Chefs, Home Chefs and Bloggers will be cooking in Vinod TriPly Stainless Steel Platinum Cookware and de-bunk the traditional myths of the Indian Kitchen.

Joining us for the Challenge we have known eminent personalities which includes Pankaj Bhadouria (Winner of Masterchef Season 1), Kunal Kapur (Indian Celebrity Chef and Ristorante) and Vicky Ratanani (Celebrity Chef, Earliest food Connoisseur to introduce molecular gastronomy).

An extension to this includes the Popular Home Chefs – Kabitas Kitchen, Yaman Agarwal from Cooking Shooking and Reshu Drolia from Mints Recipe. The Challenge shall capture their experience with the Stainless Steel Cookware, and share their first-hand impressions. Well before we unveil the experience in next blog we underline our take – Fuss Free, Burn free and delightful experience!

What is TRIPLY or 3 Layer Construction?

SAS Technology, is India’s first Three-layered construction, encouraging the Stainless Steel adoption in India. The Cookware is known as the “TriPly Stainless Steel Platinum Series” comprises of 3 layers of Stainless Steel-Aluminium-Stainless Steel sandwiched technology.

The upper layer is 18/8 stainless steel food grade. The middle layer of aluminum evenly distributes heat and makes sure there are no hot spots that would burn your food plus saves up to 20 % fuel and cooking time. And, the bottom layer is of SS 430 Magnetic stainless steel which makes it suitable for both gas stove and induction.

The unique technology shall provide fast and even cooking, most importantly doesn’t let the food stick to the bottom preventing it from burning. The exotic silver shine and a mirror glossy polish make it the most attractive nutritional cookware that allows you to directly serve your food in it. Easy to cook and easy to serve the platinum cookware is the dream come true for both home and industrial chefs.

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