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Vinod Zest Non Stick Gas Toasters
Vinod's Zest Non stick cookware is made up of triple layer non stick coating which is scratch proof. The non-stick coating ensures that you use minimal oil. The thick aluminium helps you cook food without burning. As it is non-stick,...
₹625.00 from ₹531.00
MRP ₹3,140.00 ₹2,669.00
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Vinod Zest Double Griller
Made with 100% virgin aluminium this exquisite double griller comes with a clam shaped enclosed design for dual sided cooking with ease. The grill pan cooks upto 40% faster by providing even heat and pressure distribution so food is cooked...
₹3,140.00 ₹2,669.00
Vinod Legacy Pre - Seasoned Cast Iron Square Griddle - 24 cm (Induction Friendly)
Indian kitchens have owned cast iron cookware since time immemorial. The cast iron cookware can be used on stove tops, grills as well as in ovens which makes it possible to cook a large number of cuisines using the same...
₹3,460.00 ₹2,768.00
MRP ₹1,490.00 ₹1,267.00
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Zest Plus Grill Pan 24 cm - Aluminum Die Cast (Induction Friendly)
The Vinod Zest Plus non stick grill pan is an ideal cooking partner. The ribbed base will create the prefect char effect and grills paneer, vegetables, fish and more in minutes. The texture coupled with the non-stick coating ensures the use...
₹1,490.00 ₹1,267.00
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Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Set (Induction Friendly)
Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Combo set of 2- Roti Tawa 26 cm and Grill Pan 24 cm , Non Toxic, Enamel Free, Coating Free, Black , 2 Pieces Pre seasoned: Vinod Legaacy Cast Iron cookware is pre-seasoned twice with...
₹5,850.00 ₹4,680.00
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