Kraft Multipurpose Container
The Kraft Multipurpose Container is constructed with 100% food grade stainless steel and includes a lockable lid with a silicon ring making it completely leak proof and perfect for carrying liquids and semi-liquids. The hygienic stainless steel keeps the contents...
from Rs. 220.00
Kraft Lunch Box-Food Container Two Tier Compartment with Handle - Stainless Steel
Made in India. The Kraft Stainless Steel Tiffin box allows you to easily pack a nutritious meal. It is made using the best quality stainless steel which is crack and rust proof. It has two compartments of different capacities. This...
from Rs. 395.00
Kraft Lunch Box - Multi Container Set
The Kraft Lunch Box Containers are made using hygienic stainless steel with a plastic lid, silicon ring gasket and side locks making the containers completely spill proof. The air tight containers help retain the original flavor and aroma of food...
from Rs. 690.00
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