5 Things to keep in Mind while Selecting/Buying Cookware

“Buy less choose well” - Vivienne Westwood

There are so many things that we consider while buying or selecting our cookware, we check if the product is budget friendly, if it's durable and suits our cooking purpose, if it has good online reviews and recommendations and if it's available on discount( that's an added advantage). Yes these are the common questions that any buyer ponders over, before completing their buying process of a kitchen appliance or gadget. Buying cookware also involves the same process of consideration. Infact often a journey which began online on the digital platform may reach its final destination at a physical store. So we begin researching products on the different websites, read the pros and cons, then we may go to a store, we may see, touch and feel the product and then go ahead and buy it.


Budget Friendly

The most important aspect that is considered while selecting cookware. Does it suit my pocket? Yes cost efficiency is the most top rated when it comes to buying. Most of the time a budget is set aside for buying a kadai or a frying pan. Though there are a host of buying options to choose from, people generally shortlist a few items that they are looking for and then go ahead and buy something within the budget. For example if I am looking at buying a kadai the different options available are triply kadai, nonstick kadai, hardanodized kadai, I will then compare the cost of these and finally buy something that is within the price range that I have allocated.


Suits my cooking purpose

Of course there are other factors also which affect the buying process. What do we need the cookware for, plays a vital role. When we know the purpose of buying the cookware it becomes easier to select, from the available options. For example if you want something that can be used for low oil cooking then you may go ahead with a non stick pan. Or if you are looking for heavy duty cookware that can be used on multiple cooking platforms like induction, oven as well as stove then tri-ply cookware is a wise option to consider. The stainlesssteel cookware with sandwichbottom technology is an assured winner when it comes to even distribution of heat and long life. So once you have the purpose in place selecting the appropriate cookware is a much easier task.



One of the important points to consider while buying a cookware is its durability. We all like cookware which lasts for several years without the stress of replacing it on a regular basis. Who doesn't enjoy cookware that retains the same shine and lustre that it had on day one? While shortlisting cookware on the basis of durability or longevity there are a host of options to choose from as well. Stainless steel and triply cookware are great in terms of looks as well as resilience. Hard anodized cookware is another great choice in terms of heavy duty cooking since it can be used on gas stove as well as induction tops and it is non corrosive in nature.

Stainless steel , triply cookware and hard anodized cookware all win hands down when shortlisted in terms of durability and permanence.


Cleaning & Washing instructions

Yes when we need to do dishes ourselves this parameter is of utmost importance. How can we remove the residue of food effortlessly from the surface of the cookware?  Do I need to be delicate and gentle since I need to protect the coating of the cookware ? Or is it safe to simply use the dishwasher. The process of cleaning cookware is a tedious task and if there is a particular kind of cookware that is dishwasher friendly then it is an absolute winner. Also in case we are not using the dishwasher, we still opt for surfaces that are more acceptable to tough scrubbing since that makes the process of cleaning the cookware quicker. We thus end up skipping  the steps of soaking the cookware in the detergent base water and waiting for it to loosen out from the surface. So yes, the cleaning process involved is also instrumental in the choice of cookware.


Online Reviews & Ratings

Online reviews are the most trusted form of content which enables people to make the right decision based on personal experience shared by those who have actually used the product.

59.6% users consider online reviews as the most valuable source of information, when it comes to buying a particular product. When we read online reviews and recommendations it enables us to clarify certain preconceived notions about a cookware. We also get a clearer picture based on what to expect from the cookware when we eventually end up purchasing it. For example when I read the reviews of  hard anodized cookware I realised that it can be washed vigorously without the fear of the coating getting tampered. Honest reviews like these make the process of selecting your cookware less complicated.

The above points give you adequate guidelines to consider while selecting or buying your cookware. Different varieties of cookware made from different metals are available in the market and yes they serve different cooking purposes and styles of cooking. Thus giving you all a wide array of options to choose from, enabling you to transform your kitchen into the ideal culinary destination.

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