6 Pro Tips to Prepare Your Kitchen for Guests

There are all kinds of houseguests! Relatives that come over for a weekend reunion, friends that may pass by just to crash, then there are houseguests with kids that come for extended stays. The likelihood of friends and families coming over increases exponentially during the festive time. Whoever it may be, houseguests bring in a lot of fun and celebrations. And there is no fun in celebrating with friends and family without food. Celebration without food is like writing with invisible ink – because there is no real story to offer!

We know hosting guests can get chaotic. And probably the only thing that beats chaos is being prepared and organised. Read on to know how to stay prepared when you have guests come over!

Know allergies and dietary restrictions beforehand

Making note of any and all items that may cause issues is crucial before your guests arrive for their stay. Having prepared high-sugar and high-carb deserts and sweets all day to welcome your guests just to discover your guests are diabetic is not something you want to do, is it? You would want your guests to leave with happy memories and not stomach flu.

Create a Menu

Pre-decide the food menu to help plan your grocery shopping excursion. Make a list of all the ingredients you'll need. Verify it with the ingredients that you already have for your recipes. This will save you that last-minute trip to the grocery on the day when the guests arrive.  Not only this but when the guests actually arrive, you will be focused on spending time with them instead of worrying about what to feed them!

Prepped ingredients & freeze

Preparing ingredients that go into the recipes take most of the time. It’s smarter to prep a few ingredients ahead of time like chopped vegetables, fruits, chutneys, sauces, dips, gravy, etc. You can even boil vegetables and freeze them. Making things ahead of time and freezing them is a quick method to save time off your to-do list for hosting guests. Additionally, this need not be completed weeks in advance. Instead, prepare foods that freeze well a few days prior to the guest’s arrival.

Bring out your best Serveware

Imagine eating dal with a tablespoon or salad with a fork! It may not be the easiest thing to do. We have specialised cutlery to address the issue. Tongs are required for dishes like chicken and corn on the cob while a ladle is required for foods with gravy, such as dal. Knowing which cutlery goes well with which cuisine is the key. Vinod Cookware has a wide range of serveware to choose from. You can check out their ceremony dinner set and know your worries will be resolved.

Clean as you go

Cleaning up your messes is a big part of preparing meals. Various mixing bowls, measuring cups, and utensils will be used while you prepare your special food dishes. Wash the dishes as you go rather than letting them accumulate. You can maintain order in your workspace using this technique, giving you extra usable room.

List of local restaurants

Homecooked meals are one of the many ways to show love and affection to our friends and family. When guests are in town, one is always inclined towards preparing food at home and gorging on it together. They say love prospers this way. However, who are we kidding? Arranging, prepping, and cooking food for many people can get overwhelming, especially if done for a few days at a stretch. At times like this, a list of local restaurants within one’s budget comes in handy.

Every aspect of life benefits from structure and planning, and cooking is no exception! You must be aware of the expected number of guests so that you can plan the food and set the table appropriately. Do not overdo with the food. Remember, simplicity is the key to winning anyone’s heart!

Do let us know what is your go-to strategy when hosting guests in the comment section below.

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