A Complete Guide to Hard Anodised Cookware

The very first thing you need to know about hard anodized cookware is that they are not like your typical cookware.

How are they made you ask? Well, aluminum cookware is dipped in sulphuric acid and a strong electrical charge is given to the metal. This electric charge transforms the mental into a strong piece of material than your usual aluminum cookware. This process also gives the anodized cookware, its feature black / dark grey color.

In addition to this, it also gives the metal its non-sticky characteristic which prevents food from sticking to the surface. One of the many reasons why hard anodized cookware is very popular. There is a whole list of reasons why hard anodized cookware is the go-to cookware amongst homemakers. We’ve listed some of the below.

  • Non-stick personality:

Cooking in traditional metal utensils causes food to stick to its surface. And it’s quite the opposite for hard anodized cookware. You can be rest assured that your food will be cooked properly every time with hard anodized cookware.

  • Resistance to scratches/ dents & durability:

Being a tougher metal, this type of cookware is not prone to scratches or even dents. Its tough nature also makes it one of the most durable options around. This feature makes hard anodized cookware very consumer friendly.

  • Highly adaptable:

Cooking with a metal spoon can damage your non-stick cookware. However, hard anodized cookware being more durable and tougher, they are resistant to scratches and dents. And therefore, are very adaptable to other utensils in your kitchen.

  • Low maintenance:

Hard anodized cookware is very easy to store without having to give any thought to its placement. Remember they are tough! Also, they do not require constant maintenance like other types of cookware.

  • Easy cooking:

Its aluminum base allows it to become an effective conductor of heat. This helps you cook faster and the even surface available for cooking makes it easier for any homemaker to cook food.

To make your hard anodized cookware last even longer, there are a few things you can keep in mind.

  • Hand wash: It is recommended to hand wash your hard anodized cookware. Do not put them in a dishwasher. Also, avoid using scouring pads which can damage the surface of the metal. It is best to check the user manual to determine what kind of chemical treatments can harm the cookware.
  • Storage: This type of cookware can be stacked on top of each other. However, be sure to avoid stacking it up on other utensils. Hard anodized cookware is tough and it may cause dents or scratch your other metal utensils.
  • Cooking: Due to its non-stick nature, hard anodized cookware requires only a small amount of oil for cooking. Avoid using cooking oil spray, because it will leave the cooking surface slimy if not cleaned thoroughly.

While one may argue that hard anodized cookware is costlier, a potential health concern, and not induction friendly. Let us stop you there! Check out Vinod Hard Anodised Cookware to bust all these myths.

Vinod Hard Anodised Cookware is designed with a thick body which helps in even heat distribution and makes the cookware long lasting and durable. Its new improved non-porous protective coating poses no harm to food. It is corrosion resistant and non-reactive even to the most acidic ingredients ensuring that the food made in it remains nutritious and evenly cooked. The beautiful, durable black finish which is hard anodised virgin aluminum has two benefits i.e., it makes the cookware absorb heat faster, making it more energy efficient and the cookware stays looking the same for years.

Vinod Cookware has products for all your needs. Do let us know what you look for when buying cookware for your kitchen in the comment section below and we will recommend the right product for you.

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