Best 6 Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

Vinod Cookware - Best 6 Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

Every summer seems to bring a bit more heat! We've all experienced those sweaty, panting moments, yearning to either bask in air conditioning or sip on a refreshing drink. Just a few sips of a cool, refreshing beverage can offer immense relief from the blazing sun!

While the warmth of summer brings joy and outdoor adventures, it also prompts the search for refreshing ways to stay cool. What could be better than indulging in delicious and hydrating recipes perfectly tailored for the season?

Let's delve into an array of cool recipes, ranging from refreshing beverages to chilled desserts, all designed to keep you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized throughout the summer months.

  1. Watermelon Mint Salad:

For a light and hydrating snack or side dish, try a Watermelon Mint Salad. Watermelon is a summer fruit and easily available. Simply cut a fresh watermelon in cubes, toss with chopped mint leaves, and drizzle with a squeeze of lime juice and salt to taste. The combination of sweet watermelon and refreshing mint creates a burst of flavour that is both cooling and satisfying on hot summer days. If you have leftovers, you can store it in a stainless steel tiffin, place it in refrigerator and enjoy it later!

  1. Cucumber Gazpacho:

A cold soup made of raw, blended vegetables is called a ‘Gazpacho’. Beat the heat with a refreshing bowl of Cucumber Gazpacho. This chilled soup is made by blending cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs until smooth, then chilling in the refrigerator until cold. You can add a dollop of Greek yogurt for added creaminess, and enjoy a light and refreshing meal that's perfect for summer.

  1. Frozen Berry Smoothie Bowl:

Looking for a nutritious recipe to cool down? Try Frozen Berry Smoothie Bowl. Blend frozen mixed berries with banana, yogurt or coconut milk, and a splash of orange juice until smooth, then pour into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings such as granola, sliced fruit, and shredded coconut. This vibrant and refreshing bowl is a delightful treat for breakfast or as a snack any time of day.

  1. Lemonade Ice Pops:

Remember ice popsicles? The refreshing stick of flavoured ice savoured by many during summer vacations can also be made at home. Homemade Lemonade Ice Pops can be made by mixing fresh lemon juice with water and sweeten with honey or agave syrup to taste, then pour into ice pop molds and freeze until solid. These tangy and refreshing treats are perfect for cooling off on hot summer afternoons and are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

  1. Mango Coconut Sorbet:

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Mango Coconut Sorbet. Blend ripe mangoes with coconut milk and a splash of lime juice until smooth, then freeze in an ice cream maker until creamy and scoopable. This dairy-free and vegan-friendly sorbet is bursting with tropical flavour and is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer evening.

  1. Aam Panna:

Made from raw mangoes, this tangy-sweet drink is bursting with flavour and is a popular choice to beat the scorching summer heat. To prepare Aam Panna, raw mangoes are boiled until tender, then blended with mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, black salt, and sugar to create a smooth and flavourful concentrate. This concentrate is then diluted with chilled water and served over ice, garnished with fresh mint leaves for an extra burst of freshness. Aam Panna not only quenches thirst but also replenishes electrolytes, making it a perfect choice for staying hydrated during hot summer days.

If you are looking to remain cool as a cucumber on the run, you can carry your drink in 24 hours hot or cold bottles from Vinod Cookware. The copper insulation ensures the contents maintain their temperature. These recipes not only help you beat the summer heat but also allow you to indulge in delicious and hydrating treats that are perfect for the season.

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