Health Benefits From Cast Iron



Yes we have full control on what we can nurture and nourish our bodies with, so why not make a minor modification in the cookware that we use. Switching over to cast iron cookware can be a lifestyle change that can really help you in adding some nutrients to your diet. Cast iron cookware which is made up of an iron-clad surface is a healthy choice for cooking. Chemical-free and adored with the properties of the super mineral iron makes it a smart choice in terms of cookware. There are loads of variations for you to choose from: Cast Iron Roti Tawa, Cast Iron Frying Pan, Cast Iron Kadai, Cast Iron Dosa Tawa or the Cast Iron Grill Pan. So depending upon your requirement you can select one of these and take that first step towards healthy cooking.

Less Oil Consumption - Today we are so careful with the amount of oil that we use for cooking so any cookware that enables us to reduce the amount of oil usage is always a saviour. The cast iron cookware, once seasoned, is as good as a non-stick pan, it can then be used to stir fry items or simply toss up some crunchy veggies and tofu. It is also very versatile in terms of methods of cooking especially water-based cooking like poaching, braising, broiling or grilling. So yes once seasoned the cast iron does not require an additional oil to complete the process of cooking which is one of the most important health benefits of using a cast-iron skillet or a cast-iron frying pan. So other than the oil required for seasoning, no additional amount of oil is required.

Chemical Free - With so much emphasis on turning towards organic food and items which are in their raw form, the fact that a cast iron cookware is chemical free makes it a sure winner. Traced in Indian kitchens since times unknown this cast iron cookware which is made up of 90% iron which is an alloy in its purest form. So yes if you are looking for chemical free cookware that is available, then the cast iron cookware range is one that you will really want to add to your home kitchen.

Iron content in the diet - The most important benefit of cooking in the cast iron cookware is that it leaches a small amount of iron into the food. When we are so deficient in today's times with regard to vitamins and minerals in our diet a simple modification of the cookware that we use can enable us to add some iron content in our diet.

Non-toxic - There are loads of cookware available in the market that we unknowing purchase and cook in which release toxic substances into the food. This gradual process of toxin release eventually increases the body's toxic load and could be harmful in the long run like damaging enzymes and weakening the bones. Cast iron pans and cookware are non-toxic. This is another health benefit as it does not contribute to any addition of toxic substances in our bodies. In this way, you are able to consume the food that you have cooked in its actual form loaded with vitamins and minerals.

So if you are ready to make that minor modification to your cookware by adding a cast iron cookware to your existing set of pots and pans consider it as your wisest move towards securing the health and well being of you and your family. Low oil cooking which will help you control those extra calories in your diet, a chemical free and pure cooking surface with origins dating right back to the 13th century and a minuscule amount of iron which is added to your food everytime you cook to take care of your low iron levels. So join the fitness revolution and take that first step towards healthy cooking and eating. Make a smart choice and opt for cast iron cookware.

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