5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances in 2023

If you are looking to elevate your kitchen for its better functioning, here is a list of some must-have kitchen appliances for 2023: 

  1. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You can say goodbye to fast food drive-byes and have delectable homemade sandwiches in under 5 minutes with the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. It is incredibly quick and can quickly prepare two sandwiches, making it a useful tool whenever you're in a hurry. Simply arrange the ingredients within, create the sandwich basis in the bottom layer, insert the egg on the frying plate, and then secure the lid. The cooking dish is removed, and your sandwich is automatically put together. Your hot breakfast sandwich is ready to eat when you lift the top. From the typical egg, ham, and cheese sandwich to the unusual cheddar, apple, bacon, and egg croissant sandwich, the attached recipe book offers a variety of breakfast sandwich possibilities. Cast iron construction makes it very simple to clean after use.

It is slightly on the high-end price-wise. If you are looking for a more humble sandwich maker, you can check out Vinod Non-Stick Zest Sandwich Toaster here.

  1. Electric Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner

Market watchers report India is among the top four countries in Asia that propel the smart kitchen appliance business (source). Here’s one such smart kitchen appliance. An electric fruit and vegetable cleaner is all you really need today to take that extra step of assurance. An electric fruit and vegetable cleaner will come to your aid in ensuring the safety and hygiene of the food that we consume on a daily basis. The product will assist in cleaning the surfaces of raw food items of contaminants, bacteria, and pesticide residues. These electric food cleaners come with technology that gets rid of dangerous substances and kills bacteria. Cello, Butterfly, and Kent are some of the popular brands that sell electric fruit & vegetable cleaner with different technologies. Some also come with digital timers.

  1. Vinod – Nutrimax Pressure Cooker

Revamp your kitchen with this top-of-the-line pressure cooker from Vinod Cookware. Nutrimax Pressure Cooker comes with Maximum Nutrient Retention Technology which allows for speedier, oil-free cooking. It is built with high SAS metal and single whistle technology and includes useful features like a smart lock, pressure selection, and three safety features. Pressure selection is an enhanced feature that allows you to manually reduce steam safely and rapidly by setting the pressure selector to the release function. With Vinod Cookware’s Nutrimax Pressure Cooker, you are sure to make every cooking experience, a splendid one!

  1. Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Measuring Cup

Almost any recipe you can think of can be found online, but that doesn't mean you always comprehend the measurements. No need to worry if the amount of flour called for in a recipe calls for grams rather than cups. The arithmetic is done for you by this scale and measuring cup combo.

Your ingredients should be poured in, and a tiny screen on the handle will show you how much is in the cup. When no conversions are required, you can also use this tool as a standard measuring cup. Don’t give anyone a chance to criticise your home-cooked meal!

  1. Multi Cooker Egg Boiler

This little electric appliance might come in handy in all circumstances. You might want to consider making a time-saving investment in a three-in-one appliance. Want to know why? This electric multi-cooker allows you to cook numerous things quickly while carrying on with the rest of your cooking on the gas stove. You can boil, steam, and cook various food with just one appliance. It is compact-designed and equipped with a steam/egg plate for boiling 8 eggs at a time. It also has a non-stick cooking plate to make instant noodles, scrambled eggs, etc. You can also steam vegetables in it with ease. It comes with a break-resistant food-grade polycarbonate transparent top cover. To assist you further, it has a 45-minute timer.

Technology just astonishes you sometimes, doesn’t it? Do let us know which kitchen appliance caught your fancy in the comment section below.

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