Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2023

Are corporate gifts effective? Studies have shown that corporate gifting is an amazing way in which you can interact and show appreciation to your employees, customers, prospecting clients, and partners. Employees that are more driven to perform are those who are content and feel a deep connection to their employer. Similarly, loyal and trusting customers are more likely to continue doing business with you. Corporate gifting benefits your business and your heart in equal measure in both situations.

We have a lot of holidays coming up this year and therefore, a lot of days to let your employees, or partners know you care for them. One way is by giving them gifts through which they feel valued and appreciated.  It may seem easy to give a gift and expect to receive something worthwhile, but in reality, corporate gifts require commitment, thought, and time. You can do it all yourself or work with a gifting company whose options stand out and truly meet all your needs. We have collated a list of corporate gifting ideas that may help you get ahead of the curve in 2023.

  1. Corporate Stationery Products

The Business may not be doing well, but there is always something that you can give to show love and respect to your clients, employees, or partners. Stationery products come in handy when the budget is a little too tight. There are hosts of popular stationery products ranging from simple diaries to pens to calendars that can be a part of your corporate gifting idea for 2023. A few things we think can be great gifts are plantable pencils, sticky pad notebooks, personalized diaries or calendars, or personalized pen drives.

  1. Stainless Steel Multipurpose Containers

Did you know? 8 out of 10 individuals want to buy environmentally-friendly gifts that send a positive message. Customers and clients prefer doing business with corporations that care about the environment, and employees are proud to work for such businesses. One such amazing corporate gifting idea is Kraft’s stainless steel multipurpose container that can also be used as tiffin boxes.

The locking clip mechanism makes the lid easy to close and open. They are easy to clean. These containers come in different sizes making them ideal for food storage at home or lunch boxes for office, school, college, hikes, or any outing.

  1. Gifts for Remote Employees

With the hybrid working model, meaning employees are more inclined towards working from home than in the office, there is a growing need for corporations to make remote employees feel more connected to their work. Corporations are often looking for gifting ideas that help employees to be healthy and refreshed while also focusing on work. So, why don't ideas spring to mind while trying to think of presents for remote employees on any occasion, such as their birthdays, work anniversaries, Employee Appreciation Day, etc.? There is no need to fret on that front, either, as we are aware of what your remote employee would want.

Desk mats, wireless keyboards, health and wellness subscriptions, headphones, webcam, power banks, etc. are some of the few simple yet appealing gifting ideas to give remote employees.

  1. Gourmet Collection Boxes

Who does not like food and chocolates? No one! Gift boxes filled with delicious food, chocolates, and wine makes for an ideal gift item for any time of the year. Send a gift basket with a variety of chocolates and dried fruits to cheer up your employees, clients, and partners. At the end of the month, reward them for a job well done by allowing them a guilty pleasure.

We hope this short yet insightful suggestions for corporate gifting help you! We have tried to cover everything from common to unique employee gift suggestions. However, before choosing a gift, it's usually a good idea to find out what each employee would find useful. Making the gift valuable and highly personalised is crucial if you want to leave a lasting impact. Happy gifting!

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