7 Kitchen Hacks that Make Your Life Easy


The greatest number of chores in any given household can be found in the kitchen! Not only chores, but you also find new things to explore every day. No one can say that they have figured it all out! There is always a new recipe to try out, a new technique to learn, or a new way to cook the old classic dishes. And there are always some kitchen hacks to acquire that help you save time, money, and effort!

We have listed out 7 smart cooking /kitchen tricks that will instantly make your life a lot easier.

  1. Simple technique to peel eggs

There are a lot of ways to peel eggs. Here is a tried and tested method for you! Gently roll a hard-boiled egg on a cutting board with the palm of your hand. You will start to notice cracks on the egg shell. You can detach the membrane from the egg white through the cracks. With this simple trick, you will be able to peel eggs in under 5 seconds!

  1. Softening butter faster

We have all forgotten to take the butter out of the freezer well before time. There are multiple ways to soften the butter fairly faster. You can cut the butter into small cubes. The smaller the butter pieces, the quicker they will come to room temperature. Another way is to grate the hard butter. It works the same way as the first method. The butter will be reduced to a fluffy heap like mozzarella cheese.

  1. Peeling pomegranate faster

Peel off the top portion in a circle or square shape. Once peeled, the inner partition of the pomegranate seeds will be exposed. Cut along the lines of the partition from the outside, just enough to pull the section outwards like a flower. As soon as you pull the section outwards like a flower, you will notice that the thin yellow skin covering the seeds is pulled away. Now the seeds can be peeled faster.

  1. Covering a half-cut watermelon

Have a hard time covering watermelon after consuming only half of it? You can use a balloon to cover it. Inflate the balloon to the original size of the watermelon and hold the open end of the balloon between your index finger and thumb. Place the inflated balloon over the exposed part of the melon. Now release the air while simultaneously pressing the balloon downwards in a way that upon releasing all the air, the balloon covers the entire exposed portion of the fruit.

You can use this same trick to cover anything that’s uncovered. Literally! Like your favourite bottle of jam whose lid is missing or a bowl of salad!

  1. Chopping herbs faster

The pizza cutter is a useful tool to cut herbs in all directions and even faster. Place your herbs on a cutting board in a bunch and run the pizza cutter back and forth until you have cut them into the desired consistency. This will save you a lot of time as compared to chopping them individually with a knife.

  1. Parchment paper to bake muffins

If you have run out of muffin liners, you can use ~5-inch square of parchment paper. Spray the muffin container first before pressing the square papers into each hole. Fold the sides as required to create a flat wall.

  1. Get more juice by microwaving citrus fruits

We frequently struggle to get the juice out of citrus fruits when we squeeze them. Before squeezing lemons, limes, or oranges, microwave them for 15 seconds. The amount of juice produced by the fruit will nearly double.

  1. Keeping birthday cake fresh for days

Have a leftover cake that you need to keep fresh for more days? Simply attach a slice of bread with toothpicks to the exposed areas to prevent it from drying out. The cake's moisture is retained by the bread.

These quick and clever kitchen hacks will make your life so much easier. Do try them and let us know which one helped you the most in the comment section below.

We know you have got some of your own hacks in the kitchen. Share with us all of your greatest cooking hacks and techniques that has made you stronger, faster, and more effective cooks.

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