Innovative Tiffin Lunch Boxes for Office and School

Food stimuluses a lot of emotions for the most of us. How we feel, how we look, and how healthy we are, relies on the food we eat. Eating properly is the simplest method to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape!

For appetites large or small, Vinod Cookware makes it easier to eat home-cooked healthy food at the office or at school with its wide range of tiffin boxes and bottles. We’ve compiled a list of innovative tiffin lunch boxes that will ensure you eat warm and nutritious food every day. Be it for your daily office or your kid’s school, Vinod Cookware Tiffin Lunch Boxes are the right choice for you.

Kraft Lunch Box — Multi Container Set Of 2

More often than not, it’s bulky to carry lunch boxes along with office/school materials. But Kraft’s Lunch Box of 2 is the perfect option to carry food in a compact size. It has a very elegant look. This lunch box is made from 100% stainless steel and comes with a plastic lid, silicone ring gasket, and side locks making the containers air tight and spill proof. It helps keep food fresh and crisp for hours. Stainless steel being 100% recyclable, it also helps the environment by cutting down on waste. The lunch box comes with an easy-to-carry durable covering bag which is tailor-made to accommodate the containers comfortably within it. This ensures product longevity and portability. Need we say more?

Vinod Classic Bottles

For kids that love their soups and adults that are obsessed with their own home brewed coffee, Vinod Cookware has an array of bottles to carry beverages. They have a sleek design. Also, they fit into most standard auto cup holders, making them a perfect partner for long car rides and commutes! Vinod Classic Bottle comes in various sizes. It is constructed from the inside out of rust-resistant stainless steel and has a copper coating for improved insulation. The material used in manufacturing the bottles help keep liquid hot for 18 hours and cold for 24 hours. Interesting? Check out our range of 24 Hour Hot and Cold Bottles. Whenever hunger hits, you can have your hot or cold beverages whether you are at work, school, or playing sports outside.

Multi Container Lunch Boxes with Tall Carry Bag

Nothing compares to the delight of eating delectable home-cooked dishes such as khichdi, roti, parathas, sabzi, pulao, yummy snacks, etc. In comparison to fast food or even canteen food, it is not only delicious but also nutritious, healthy, and safe. You can buy lunch boxes and tiffin boxes online from Vinod Cookware and enjoy meals with your pals at lunch. Vinod Cookware has a variety of lunch sets that are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a medium-sized lunch box to liquid-tight & airtight innovative dabbas. For office use, lunch boxes with dedicated bags are the ideal option. For hot or cold beverages, the stainless-steel bottles are convenient to carry.

Multipurpose Tiffin Containers

We also have multipurpose containers that can double up as storage containers. These multipurpose containers are of different sizes making them ideal for food storage at home or lunch boxes for office, school, college, hikes, or any outing. They are 100% airtight containers that are made in such a way so as to retain the original aroma and flavour of the contents. The locking clip mechanism makes the lid easy to close and open. They demand minimal maintenance as they are easy to clean and hassle free.

We all feel better and maintain control over our weight if we eat a nutritious and a balanced meals every day! Eating a delicious home-cooked meal, prepared with love, in your office/school canteen with your gang just got better with Vinod Cookware! Visit our website to know more about the wide range of innovative tiffin lunch boxes that you can choose from.

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