8 Quick and Easy Kitchen Organising Tips

The most active space in any household is the kitchen area. There is a lot to think about while organising a kitchen because along with navigating drawers, cabinets, etc., one also has to ensure that necessary tools are accessible. We have made a list of things you can do or keep in mind when organising your kitchen. These tips also include cleaning/storage hacks.


One step at a time

Take a glance at your kitchen and see what you need help with the most. Is it the messy pantry, cluttered drawers, or overflowing cabinets? This will help you deal with one area at a time and make things less overwhelming. You can start with setting up your everyday essentials like pans, Kadai, wok, etc. Slowly you will be able to organise your kitchen better and make it fit for not only cooking but baking and entertaining as well.


Base Station

Create a base station or a nerve centre in your kitchen. A simple chalkboard or sticky paper board would do wonders. Mention things like where to look for groceries, coupons, lunch/dinner menu, etc. to ensure everyone in the household is on the same page, kitchen-wise.


Drawer Organisers for Refrigerators

Having an organised refrigerator will also help you run your kitchen at an optimum level. Drawer organisers help you gain more shelves space in your fridge. Also, their clear designs will ensure you can always see what’s stored inside them.


Supermarket Pantry

Organise your pantry like a supermarket store. Either based on the ‘first in, first out’ rule – opened boxes should be at the front, packed ones at the back, OR get stackable air-tight boxes to save space and label each food item.


De-clutter that drawer

Probably the most cluttered space in a kitchen are the drawers. You can get organisers/dividers/inserts that help you separate your forks from spoons, your spatula from serving spoons, etc. You can set up a different space for your dishes, bowls, and other everyday items. Having them in the same size or the ones that are stackable are the easiest to manage.


Spice Box

Keeping your everyday ingredients within your reach is the simplest way to have a smart kitchen. A tiered spice rack or a spice box will do the trick. Other than spices, it can be used to sort your favourite herbs and other ingredients that you personally like to use in your daily cooking.


Make the most of your shelf storage

It becomes essential to make the most of your shelf storage space if you do not have a separate pantry. You can use shelf risers that can help increase your vertical storage spaces. Another idea is to use a hanging mesh rack to organise things that cannot be effectively managed in shelf storage. For e.g., storing glasses to prevent them from falling while you try to reach for other things.


Towel Bar

This may sound like nothing, but since kitchen spaces require a lot of cleaning, it is necessary to have a towel close by. The best place to hang a kitchen towel is near your sink or a space that’s within your arm’s reach. This will save you a lot of grief when it comes to cleaning your kitchen.

Organising a kitchen sounds like a mammoth task, but it is not. It’s a habit that grows over a period of time. Also, having family members participate in maintaining the routine and being responsible makes it a lot easier.

Sharing is caring. So do let us know one of your tricks that works like magic for you in the comment section below.

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