Are You Using Your Pressure Cooker Right?

Which is the one utensil in your kitchen that can simply cook any and everything? You can say that apart from the stove, this is the next most essential thing you need in a kitchen, especially in India. Whistle…. whistle… we know you have guessed it already. It’s the pressure cooker!

The pressure cooker is indeed one of the most marvelous inventions that has made cooking food really simple. From baking cakes to cooking dal, a pressure cooker is a really handy tool. Did you know that the pressure cooker was invented in the 17th century? But how many of us actually know the right way of cooking in a pressure cooker?

The pressure cooker works on a cohesive mechanism of steam and pressure. Those who cook regularly know that if not used correctly, a pressure cooker can be dangerous. There is always this looming fear of it exploding. But worry not, we have listed five things that you need to know about using a pressure cooker correctly.

  1. Don’t neglect to inspect

    Checking each part of the pressure cooker is necessary before placing it on the stove. Check the lid for cracks, ensure that the vents are clear, and the lid is fastened correctly. It is also important to check whether the handle is intact before handling the container, as doing so may prevent your hands from burning.

  2. Always buy good quality pressure cooker
    Branded pressure cookers go through exhaustive safety checks. They undergo various inspection tests before being mark safe for use. Continuous innovation for improved quality & convenience is an additional benefit a good example of this is Vinod Cookware’s new and upcoming Nutrimax pressure cooker that has a convenient switch lock system, two cooking modes, and easy pressure release with 3x the safety features that will ensure you cook the most delicious food along with being safe.

  3. Ensure a sufficient amount of water

    A pressure cooker needs liquid to create steam and pressure to function. It is literally mentioned in its name! Make sure you add enough liquid/water which is necessary to cook food quickly and evenly. If you use less water, the food may burn, and if you use more water, the texture may be ruined. You got to exercise great judgment for this one!

  4. Let the steam out

    Do not try to lift the lid of a pressure cooker without releasing the steam. If you do, please be warned that the intense high pressure may force the lid open and crash into your ceiling. All the while the hot steam could be melting your skin.

    The most ideal way to release the steam from a pressure cooker is to remove it from the heat and let the steam release on its own. Another way is to run cold water over the pressure cooker. You can also lift the whistle with a spatula or a long spoon. Whichever ways you try to release the steam faster, ensure to protect your hands and face from the hot steam

  5. Clean it before you keep it
    This is applicable for all the food equipment be it a spoon or a wok or a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are not made to store food. To ensure longevity, it’s best to clean them thoroughly before storage.

This list is to help you understand how to use a pressure cooker in the safest and the most effective way. The new generation pressure cookers come with many safety features that ensure you stay entirely safe while cooking.

Vinod Cookware’s Nutrimax pressure cooker comes with many such built in safety features such as maximum nutrient retention technology (MNRT), and single whistle technology making it energy efficient. These conveniences are sure to reduce your worries while cooking with pressure cookers!

Now that you know how to use a pressure cooker correctly, here’s an article on how to find the best pressure cooker in India

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