How to Find the Best Pressure Cookers in India?

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Go to your kitchen, open the cabinets and look for a pressure cooker! It is probably sitting on your kitchen stove!

Pressure cookers can be a symbol of identification of any Indian household. An Indian in any part of the world will definitely have a pressure cooker in the kitchen.

Whether you have a contemporary kitchen or a modern one, there are myriad reasons to have one of the best pressure cookers – a) for certain food items, you can reduce your cooking time drastically, b) the food cooked in a pressure cooker seldom loses its nutrient content making sure the minerals and vitamins remain intact, and c) it is a cheaper replacement to microwave / ovens for certain recipes. You can also use the pressure cookers to bake delicious and decadent cakes.

This little steam emitting cooking tool is one of the most essential part any Indian household and therefore, it is important to choose only from the best pressure cookers available in India. There are a wide range of pressure cookers available in the Indian market with a variety of styles, colors, and design.

You're probably thinking about what material is ideal for a pressure cooker if you're looking for the best pressure cookers in India. This may be one of the primary decisions you would have to make because each type has its own advantages. Aluminium pressure cookers, for example, are ideal for quick and consistent cooking. They're also less expensive to buy and maintain. Stainless steel cookers, on the other hand, are more robust and better at maintaining temperature. Copper and titanium are also used to make different types of cookers. These cookers distribute heat more evenly. If you're thinking about buying a cooker, it's a good idea to conduct some research first.

Apart from the material, while choosing from amongst the best pressure cookers in India, the design process should also reflect decades of experience in providing kitchenware that is both durable and elegant.

When it comes to choosing one of the best pressure cookers in India, numerous households trust Vinod Cookware and its wide range of pressure cookers. Not only are they made from robust, premium quality metal but also seamlessly incorporate the best of SAS bottom technology to ensure the pressure cooker performs at optimum efficiency. They are benchmarked to the highest quality & safety standards and manufactured keeping in mind the dynamic needs and convenience of the users.

For your reference, we have listed below a few important pointers regarding 2 of the best types of pressure cookers in India, stainless steel cookers and aluminium cookers.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Stainless steel offers durability and exceptional strength. However, an important point to note about stainless steel cooker is that it does not conduct heat well. So, you may find that it takes a little longer to cook in a stainless-steel cooker as opposed to an aluminium one. Having said that, this is a fairly small difference and is not likely to play any role in your decision making. If it does, then Vinod’s stainless steel pressure cooker is developed with innovative sandwich bottom, aluminium encapsulated stainless steel SAS technology. This ensures even cooking and prevents food from getting burnt. Acidic foods like tamarind or tomatoes will never corrode the stainless-steel ensuring contamination free cooking. The handle's ergonomic grip provides an easy and comfortable hold while cooking and lifting. The cooker is compatible with both induction and gas stoves.

If you have chosen the kind of pressure cooker you would want, allow us to surprise you with one of the most innovative and best pressure cookers in India – Vinod and Kraft’s 3 in 1 Pressure Cooker! It transforms in to a pressure cooker and carousel / serve ware with quick swift adjustments. You can get them in hard anodised aluminium as well as in stainless steel. An added advantage is that these are induction friendly.

Get yourself one of the best pressure cookers in India and wave goodbye to long hours in the kitchen, you can now steam fresh vegetables or make rice and dal or meat dishes in just a few minutes!

Aluminium Pressure Cooker

When it comes to an aluminium pressure cooker, be sure to check that it is manufactured using superior quality virgin aluminium that is safe to use, and long lasting. The fusible metallic safety valve should provide for a safe and secure cooking experience. A hard anodised virgin aluminium body would prevent the surface from chipping or peeling as it resists abrasion and keeps the metal chemically stable; acidic food will never corrode the cooker. The base of the aluminium pressure cooker should allow for uniform transfer of heat. The extra thick base will retain heat well. This helps in cooking meats, vegetables, preparing dals, curries, stews, stocks, quinoa, pastas and more. Kraft ‘s aluminium pressure cooker is induction and gas stove friendly making it a product that can be used in all households. Easily placed on the list of one of the best pressure cookers in India.

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