Summer Camp for Kids…in your Kitchen!

Did you know you can turn your kitchen into an ideal place to spend the summer holidays with your kids? It is not only super fun for the kids, but in the process, they develop healthy practices and skills like collaborating with others, evaluating their senses, and fine motor skills. In addition to these, they also learn to pick up healthy meals and become more responsible with cleaning and keeping the kitchen organized. Best of all, they can get to eat everything that they cook!

We have listed down some of the kitchen activities that you can indulge with your kids this summer without having to step out in the heat. These are beginner to intermediary level activities that are simple and fun. But before you start, the most important part of making your kid experience some kitchen action is ensuring their safety. The best way to ensure that a child is safe in the kitchen is to explain to them the importance of not starting cooking unless an adult is present. Another way is to ensure that your eyes are on them at all times.

  1. Introduction to cutting and chopping

The kid can start with a crinkle cutter as they are safe and easy to use. If your kid is big enough to handle a little more, they you can let them peel vegetables like cucumber and potatoes. In no time, you will observe that your kid is ready to chop and dice or even julienne some of the produce.

  1. Kneading the dough

This activity can be messy but super fun! You can let your kid help with kneading a roti dough or a pizza/muffin dough. Alternatively, you can give your kids a small batch to start with and you can handle the rest. This activity can keep a toddler occupied for some time with just a small portion of dough!

  1. Portion the batter

You can let the kids portion the batter into a muffin cup or into small round balls to make rotis. This can help them develop fine motor skills like handling spoons and learning how to make portions. For upscaling, they can help you make those perfect round rotis or pizzas! You scream pizza and even the most shy or reluctant little chef will come running to the kitchen to help.

  1. Crackling and poaching the egg

There is something about cracking an egg that’s so satisfying. You can teach your kid how to gently tap the egg and crack open the egg. Best to do it over the counter or with a towel to avoid a huge mess.  For slightly older kids, you can introduce them to perfecting poached eggs.

  1. Setting up and clearing the table

It is a ask that can be handled by a toddler as well as a teen. The little ones can help with setting up the spoons, forks, and bowls – the smaller items. After a meal, you can let them bring all of it back to the sink. This will set a routine and make them comprehend what is expected to be done at mealtimes.

  1. Using a blender

Be it a juice or a smoothie, let your kid help you measure ingredients and pour them into a blender. Pushing the button can be one of the most fun things for a toddler.

Every kid is different and only you know your child the best. They may or may not be ready for the above-suggested activities. However, it is never too late to help inculcate some of the healthy kitchen practices in your kids. Remember, the key is to be as gentle and patient as possible. Expect messiness and mistakes and little bumps on the way. But also expect a lot of fun and bonding sessions with your little ones.

Do let us know in the comment section below - what tasks did you teach them? And what did you cook with them? And what was your most funny and proud moment with them in the kitchen?

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