7 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Favorite Foodie



Friendships are quite often built on a common love for food. A wise lady named Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people”. Well, we concur! This Christmas, celebrate your friendship with your favourite foodie by gifting them one of these 7 perfect Christmas Gifts that we have listed out for you. And if you love them too much, you can gift all of them!

We understand that it can get a little difficult to get something that’s as special as your foodie friend. You may want to walk your way through the list because we know we have made your search a bit easier with these stand-out gifts.


  1. Temperature Control Smart Mug

If your favourite foodie is a coffee lover then this one is sure to impress him/her. The Temperature Control Smart Mug are designed to keep your drink at your desired temperature. It’s easy to use during traveling due to its long-lasting temperature control. And guess what? You can control the Smart Mug with your phone! It comes in multiple sizes to fit customer needs. Gift your friend and you will definitely thank us!


  1. 2022 Delish Recipe-A-Day Calendar

Probably the most straightforward gifting idea for a food-lover is a recipe calendar. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a recipe-a-day calendar that pre-plans food for an entire year.  This calendar lists out 365 super-easy recipes for delectable snacks, drinks, and treats to inspire your friend’s kitchen. No more wasting time pondering on what to cook next. It’s like gifting someone hassle-free cooking for an entire year!


  1. Cookware or a Lunch/Dinner Set

Does your foodie buddy love to host dinner/lunch parties? Then a dinner/lunch set or an assorted Vinod Cooker Cookware Set of 5 Pieces is the perfect gift for him/her to make memories around the dining table. The festive season is synonyms with family gathering, and where the family gathers, there is bound to be good eating! The delicious aroma of food coupled with the warm, loving company of loved ones is an unmatched combination during the festive season.


  1. Gourmet Food Hampers

If you are looking to delight your foodie buddy with some haute cuisine or want to serve food from around the world on a platter, then try some of the gourmet food hampers. A basket of gourmet food products assorted based on the tastes and inklings of your foodie friend is bound to set the tone for Christmas this year! You can get the hampers made from many stores and websites in India.


  1. Foodie T-shirts

Help your friend declare his/her love for food to the world with the help of a t-shirt. A t-shirt with a cool food-related slogan printed over it is another flawless gifting idea. Also, you can customise the t-shirt with a food-based slogan and it’s easier on the pockets too. It’s like a ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ kind of thing.


  1. Restaurant Club Membership

There is nothing more heavenly (or even luxurious maybe!) for a foodie than to go out and eat at different restaurants. You can gift your foodie friend any restaurant club membership like Zomato Pro, Dineout, Taj InnerCircle, etc. where they can gorge on lip-smacking, delicious, & scrumptious food for dinner dates, family gatherings, or even brunch!


  1. Baking/Cooking Classes

If they enjoy anything & everything food, you can gift them a cooking experience this Christmas season! There are a lot of online/in-person cooking classes organised nowadays where your friend can learn to bake delicious cakes or make amazing pasta. There are cooking classes for every cuisine. You can also gift them a cooking class organised by their favourite chefs. Remember, the more they know to cook, the more treats for you (wink! wink!).


Christmas is all about spreading love, laughter, and joy! Whatever you choose to gift your foodie friend, do not forget to send a personalized card letting them know how special they are to you. Let us know what your foodie friend would love the most amongst the gifts we’ve listed out for you in the comment section below.

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