5 Essential Things You Absolutely Need in Your Kitchen

Do you know someone who has recently started showing interest in culinary? Or a college graduate who is starting life in his/her first apartment? Or maybe, a newly married couple starting a life of their own who would certainly need help in setting up their kitchen?

We have curated a list of products that are ideal for any kitchen to function smoothly in one manner or another.

  1. Knives and a cutting board

The most indispensable tool in the kitchen is a knife. Having the right set of kitchen knives will not only make the process of food preparation easier but also help you reduce your preparation time. Did you know that the global knife market size was valued at USD 3.81 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a rate of 6.0% from 2022 to 2030? There are a variety of knives available – Chef, Utility, Table, Steak, Peeling, and Butter knives. Be sure to purchase sturdy knives that are easy to use and work efficiently. With a knife, also include a cutting board or a chopping board in your essential kitchen tool list as it helps you protect your kitchen platform and flooring from knife markings!

  1. Dinnerware Set

One cannot relish food unless it is served with love and care. That’s why you need dinnerware sets. Obviously, since dinnerware is used frequently, it should ideally be durable, elegant, and with a design that will not lose its shine even after daily use. Kraft’s dinner sets contains a wide range of items that are absolutely essential in any kitchen. They contain different types of spoons, dishes, plates & bowls, glasses, water jug, salt & pepper shaker, etc. These dinner/lunch sets are scratch and chip resistant making them ideal for indoor & outdoor dining.

  1. Serveware Set

Serveware provides a great canvas to showcase the delicious spread of food. Casseroles not only help serve food to the guests but can also be used to store cooked/leftover food. One must look for a serveware that is designed to provide maximum comfort and durability during use. You should check out the Tuscany cookware set as it is constructed robustly and has a sleek body providing for all your kitchen essentials. If you are looking for more options in terms of shapes and sizes, you can take a look at the variety of serveware collection from Vinod Cookware.

  1. Pressure Cooker

The one inanimate thing that has the potential of becoming your lifelong friend is a pressure cooker. This is one utensil in your kitchen that can simply cook any and everything. There are a wide range of pressure cookers available in the market. Here’s a guide that will help you to find the best pressure cooker in India. One of the most unique pressure cookers to hit the market is Vinod’s 3-in-1 pressure cooker which serves the purpose of a pressure cooker, a casserole, and a serveware all in one! This one will definitely steal your heart.


Before you embark on exploring your culinary skills using a pressure cooker, it is very important to know how to correctly use a pressure cooker as well.

  1. Fry Pans

No kitchen is complete without a frying pan. Be it an egg omelette, shallow frying food produce, or stir-frying vegetables, a fry pan is a must-have cooking essential. If you are looking to do some heavy-duty cooking, we suggest buying a cast iron fry pan. It is more like a one-time investment for a product that may outlive you! If there are budget constraints, then stainless-steel or non-stick fry pans would also do wonders.

Now that you have a ready kitchen, be ready to brace the dreaded kitchen chores. If the kitchen chores are getting overwhelming, here are some tricks and hacks that will make your life easy. What’s the one thing that you absolutely need and use in your kitchen every day? Let us know in the comments below.

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